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No windows Dialog will open


Strange problem here - no windows dialogs will open from ADE, so I can't;

Open Airport, Open Airport from BGL, Open Airport from XML

Any ellipses in regular dialogs do nothing. Just to be clear this is the first time running ADE in a long time, I no longer have the version I used to use, so this is a clean install. I have v01.70.6042 running in P33 mode.

The only thing that happens when I try any of those options is a very quick white flash on the title bar of the application noting that it is losing, then regaining focus. I checked and .NET 3.5 is enabled in my windows installation (along with other, newer versions.) It might be worth mentioning that my build of windows is an insider build, specifically 16170.rs_prerelease.170331-1532.

Is there any way to narrow down what might be causing this issue?

As a last note, I managed to find a copy of 1.65, which shows the same issue. But a copy of 1.20 does not, all dialogs work in that version.


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I see this didn't get a reply. I am sorry about that. I must admit to not having any idea what this problem is caused by. to be honest I have not heard of it before. I have heard of situations where a dialog opens behind the main ADE window which, of course, would block and other windows or dialogs opening. In you look at the task bar is there another window shown in the ADE notification area. 1.20 is very old and so it seems likely that a newer function is throwing up a dialog - perhaps an error window opening behind instead of in front of the main window
Hi Jon,

Just thought I would let everybody know that this turned out to be a windows-wide bug with common dialogs introduced by Windows "update" on the fast insider preview ring. Many more programs became inoperable as time passed. A fresh re-install of windows and now I have ADE (and others) functioning correctly once again.