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FSX:SE Non-Display of Copilot's PFD


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For some strange reason, I simply cannot get the copilot's PFD to show up in the sim when compiling the entire VC. When only exporting/compiling the main panel and glass screen polys, it will display just fine in the sim!

I've tried every trick of which I'm aware to solve this issue without success. Any one else with an idea?



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Well, screen display is usually "very simple" but obviously not in this case! There is no <Visibility> tag on this poly, so it should always display without drama.

What annoys me no end is that all of this VC was working perfectly several years ago when it was handed off to another group of programmers to develop new avionics for it. Now that I have control of the project back, I'm running into some issues that are driving me even nuttier than usual. :eek:
Perhaps FS is choosing the wrong texture? If the first x characters of two texture names are identical I've seen FS make a mistake and pick the wrong one. When only compiling part of it, the other texture is excluded. If so, try changing texture names to something very different to each other.


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Maybe the gauge poly doesn't play along. Try outsourcing the FO's display to a new gauge poly material and see if it helps.


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All good ideas, but alas they are not the problem. Tom, the "texture" is simply an ordinary $vc dynamic bitmap. The same bitmap is used for the FMS and EADI screens, both of which work just fine.

I can export only the main panel and all of the 'glass gauges' and they show up perfectly. It is only when I export/compile the entire interior model that the stubborn CP-PFD refuses to show up.

I've even Merged the polygon from a two year old backup copy of the .max file and the same abberant behavior occurs.
maybe the hierarchy placement. one cover another.
re-position screen polygon to the place that not blocking by any polygon (include glass materials), just to make test.


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Okay, just for information's sake, here is the essential hierarchy of the abberant screen. I'm selecting the objects in order from back to front.
1. Main panel background
2. 3d Frame
3. screen polygon

Even with no "glass cover" it fails to display when the entire vc is exported/compiled, but will always display with less than complete vc exported/compiled.

Eric, there is no hidden geometry. That would be too easy. :banghead:

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Well, something interesting I've just discovered. I moved the screen polygon out from the frame and sideways a bit, then exported/compiled the entire VC. I can just see the lower edge of the screen now. Apparently it is being drawn first, then the main panel is being drawn! Note how the lower line changes whenever I click on the REFS button... :yikes:


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SOLVED! (finally)

Much to my surprise, someone had set the main panel background to use "Default Transparent", which was of course totally incorrect and what was causing the strange results. Why it did not affect the other "glass polys" is anyone's guess.



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Many thanks to everyone who posted suggestions. Although none of them turned out to be the solution, they provided the impetus for me to keep digging... :wave:

Now I need to find out why the "glass cover" on the copilot's PFD works, but the other "glass covers" don't work. They are all one object, and of course use the same FSX Material. o_O
It's not my old hierarchy problem, is it? I don't know if that applies in FSX, but it had me banging my head against the wall over the 737s windows for a good couple of days.