FS2004 Nosewheel/Rudder to center/Taxi

Hey all...ya....long time! Need some help. Trying to create a hidden XML gauge that the slower you taxi the sharper it will let you turn, and the faster you go, the less it will let you turn, but also trying to get it so that once you release the rudder, it does not snap back to center. I am a complete noob when it comes to XML, so any help would be appreciated.


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Doing this in XML will produce a conflict with the default nosewheel steering logic (controlled by the rudder axis) and produce ugly twitching of the nosewheel on the model.

This is some simple code used for simulating a castoring nosewheel. I wrote it for FSX, but I figure the variables should be good for FS9 as well.

(A:VELOCITY BODY X,feet per second) 0.001 >
(A:VELOCITY BODY X,feet per second) -0.001 < or
 (A:GROUND VELOCITY, knots) 40 < and
(A:SIM ON GROUND, Bool) and
if{ (A:VELOCITY BODY X,feet per second) 10 * 16383 * (>K:RUDDER_SET) }
Sideways velocity, induced by differential braking, is translated into rudder deflection and therefor nosewheel steering when on the ground and below 40 knots. Above 40, rudder control is released to provide aerodynamic control.