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When I am working on parking spots, for example, I zoom out so I can see the entire airport, then open the parking list to rearrange their order and thus parking priority. But when I click on a parking spot in the list, the airport window zooms into the parking spot and I can no longer see the entire airport. So now I have no idea where this parking spot is relative to the entire airport, and thus where to place it in the parking order. The screen also scrolls, when I have the screen set to the display I desire. Not helpful to me.

Is there a way to prevent ADE from zooming and scrolling each time I click on a parking spot? If not, could I request a check box in Settings that prevents this from happening? Just leave the screen static.

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do you have the "Center on Object" ticked in the parking list?
if you have try unticking it, my zoom there is set at 200% not sure if that makes any difference

not sure about the display, "Select in Display" is greyed out for me, no idea what that is for, but then i never read manuals :)
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Thanks! Just what I needed. But when I set it that way (uncheck Center to Object), the parking spot is no longer selected (i.e. turns yellow) so I have no idea which one they are. Can that be fixed?

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Sound like you have over 200 parking spots. If over you can't select or change edit. It's limit parking spots in ADE per airport. Is that you have over 200 spots?

No, I have 83 parking spots. I've tried it on two computers and it works the same on both. I've tried it on several airports, modified and stock. Once you uncheck the Center on Object check box, the parking spot is no longer selected in the airport display when you click on a spot in the list.
I agree with what you are reporting - it would be handy if, having deselected "Centre on Object", the selected spot still highlights without the view changing.


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OK - here is the solution I am working on. There is an additional option in the Lists dialog - Use Zoom


If this us checked then Center on Object should happen without the current display zoom changing. If it is checked then the ADE display will zoom to the percentage given. This applies on a List-Type by List-Type basis so Starts are set separately from Parking and so on. However ADE will remember your setttings like it will remember zoom and whether you want to center or not

I'm testing it now - it is a bit more complex than it looks since the same functional code is used by other functions and I need to make sure they are not broken :(