nothing to see here...

Hi Tim,

Good to see you - your blog is getting quite lonely. :)


Yep, I had lost the username/password I had been using on their. Finally noticed this week there was an email me my password option (had to try 3 different email addresses though before I found the one I had registered with :->).

I'm thinking I might move over to a Windows Live Spaces account though. Even though the TechNet blog site has some sort of Gallery system, I was never able to figure out how to request an account on it, so I couldn't post any pictures in my blog, while the new Live Spaces has photo support built in (and a new offline editor in beta called Windows Live Writer). The other option would be to get my own hosted ASP.NET based web server account somewhere with DotNetNuke or MojoPortal or similar running on it - then I could post software projects also possibly :->