FSX Nudge Feature

I am currently using ADE v01.50.4402 with ProKey that is touted to include a feature to "nudge" objects using the arrow keys. I know the answer may to so simple that it will be embarassing, but I can't figure out how to activate the ability to use this feature. After searching all the menus, trying all sorts of key combinations and reading the manual supplement for ProKey, I can find nothing explaining it.

Highlighting an object and using the arrow keys moves the view, not the object. The status bar indicates Nudge: 1.00m, which I need to change but find no method to do so.

I knew it would be embarassing. I have installed so many versions and updates of ADE that there is a jumble of manuals in different folders. Trying the ADE 9x help listing in the program menu resulted in the computer not being able to find the manual. Using Windows Explorer, I did finally find supplemental instructions for version 1.50 that did contain the instructions (the ADE9x manual section 10.4 did not).