P3D v4 Oasis Ranger Station and Visitor Center

It will of course be a freeware download from AVSIM or/and Flightsim because no one would buy such a small airfield anyway, because I hate all this payware myself,because of all the freeware tools I use to make the scenery and especially because of all the help this freeware site has given me during all these years :).

It could take a little while more to get rid of the autogen suppression, fine tune textures and make the night textures, but if everything goes well, I will be flying from there to this nice other freeware scenery in the same area: Bear Island by Chris Britton (see https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/bear-island-v2-redux.439865/).
It will not be that detailed and will not have that many custom objects and vegetation.
But after more than 11 years of learning :(, I thought it would be nice to upload something decent enough though not spectacular, to show my appreciation.



PS: knowing myself, there will probably be an update for things I forgot, followed by a v2, a v3, a v4. etc. but who cares as long as it is free. And.. I will also include the project files so that the finicky ones can change things for the better themselves :).
PS2: 'almost ready' is rather undefined and I sure want to keep it undefined for the moment :p.
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Looks like your screenshots didn't carry over, Roby. Also looks like you may have accidentally grabbed the Reply, Edit, and Delete links from the other post as well. ;)

How far is Oasis from Bear Island? I've never looked it up.
Nice man, i usually fly around the florida and southern states, this is nice addon for south florida area :) Thank you for making this :)

Unfortunately there is not much to fly to in the area and the default is awful. And mine is not ready yet.
I want it to be a bit but not 100% like the Bear Island because then I would release it only at 'Sankt Nimmerlein'.
I am working on the night textures and the last refinements of the Oasis visitor center and I put in some dynamic lights but not everywhere because my FPS drop down to almost 30 FPS on this very small airport! So I have to remedy that first.
An fx.VC.fx seems to be an alternative in some cases. Check out the VC light.fx of the sanitary facilities compared to the dynamic lighting on the parking lot.
VC alternative.png

Yep, it is full moon tonight ;)!


I have a problem (not a dream :)): where do I stop and when do I release it?
Every time I find something more to add and more to change.
I asked my sis and brother in Law to make an outing (for them it is just a 150 mile drive and she is on a sabbatical anyway) to make some photos of the north side of the airfield but I wonder if she will (She is angry with me because I called her to be too 'americanized' as she works more than I ever -well not recently anyway- did and does not seem to want to stop although she is getting close to retirement as well).
So much for my personal whoes :).
The photoreal just encompasses the airport and nothing else and I do not have ORBX or anything else.
Here are some screenshots in P3Dv4 that reflect the status of my present scenery:

Big Cypress Oasis Visitor center2.jpg
Big Cypress Oasis Visitor center.jpg
Oasis problem 4.jpg
Oasis problem 3.jpg
Oasis problem 2.jpg
Oasis problem 1.jpg
Big Cypress Oasis Visitor center3.jpg

But I am not satisfied with what is at the north side. I have not the faintest what it looks like over there.

Oasis problem 5 north side.jpg
If you are a hiker, please take some pictures and chime in, thanks.



PS: anyone interested in receiving the project files and the objects and textures to see if they can boost the scenery?
Oops, I also promised to share the ADE project file but be careful you do not overwrite the GP.
It is a P3Dv4 project though!
(You can use MCX or ADE as of v1.75 to convert to FSX.bgl's but dynamic lighting and vc lights will not work, and some default vegetation is only in FSX Acceleration)


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Downloading now, Roby.
Will try it out in a bit once my mesh data is done exporting and I can use my computer to it's fullest extent.. lol

Looking forward to it.
Scenery works pretty well in P3d v4.1 with ORBX LC, it is very nice to see folks are interrested to create airfields to Southern states area, :) Thank you Robystar very much for your outstanding work :)
Wondering though if it is good enough to upload to Avsim and Flightsim?
I have not the faintest how many people have downloaded it and I only have comments from ToniH.
On the road and will be home by thursday night.
Cheers and till then,


I downloaded and installed It but I don't see the runway GP in P3D V4 ...
Excepting that everything is working fine and the airport looks nice !