P3D v4 obj does not show up in the game

took out two libraries from the scenery sub folder. They were in the wrong positions. Placed those libraries outside the scenery sub. Opened ADE and added these libraries to my list. The libraries show the libs added. I then place a few objects. BTW- the placed objects show up yellow so the textures seem to be associated.

Went into P3D4.4 to my scenery and - nada...
In ADE the items show nice and yellow. The libs used to be in the scenery sub folder and I moved them out. They were in the wrong adjustment based on my photoreal. These libraries are: 1. a good number of bunkers (like ammo bunkers) all together as one model. 2. other lib is series of 3 or 4 individual HACS, which were in the scenery but sitting in wrong places here and there (on top of taxiways, hdg wrong, etc).

So I figured I could move these out of the scenery sub folder, (moved them both just outside the scenery sub folder so P3D won't see them) THEN add these libraries (bgl's) to my ADE libraries used list then place these suckers!

All went well, but the objects don't show... even though ADE shows them yellow.

BTW- I can't find the placement files for these..... most likely the one who made this freeware added teh placement back into its own library which many guys used to do and are not supposed do.

And yes- when I go to my folders and find my obj file and open it in MCX, it shows ... no objects found.

So- I am assuming I have to have these libraries in a certain place, not just outside my scenery sub folder.


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No, you cannot do this. If you remove the library BGL files out of the scenery subfolder, the objects will not appear in FS, whether placed previously or you place them via ADE. ADE only provides placement information - the actual objects must still be in the scenery subfolder.

The proper way to handle this is to either:

1. Remove the placement information for the original objects using Instant Scenery or similar program.

2. Exclude the original objects using an Exclude rectangle in ADE, placing the compiled ADE BGL files into a scenery folder at a higher Scenery Library priority than the original object's placement BGL file.
I thank you for your help. It seems that What the author did was what they used to do long ago... He placed the objects right back into the library itself, which Konnie warned us NOT to do! some guys even save the placement of their object right into the afcad itself! These are very bad techniques.

Anyway- I copied the scenery in question over to FSX. There I did a search for all bgl's. Under the drop down is scenery file (actually it is the first in the list as you know) There was the library name! This tells me that the author did in fact save the placement of his objects right back into its library.
I tried to disassemble the bgl into xml and get rid of the lat and long data and recompile. It would not recompile. (I am not too good at that most of the time anyway! ;)

So- what I will do is export model and then save that model to where I keep all my models, then add them in ADE and place them that way. I this way they will show up in my ADE obj file.