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Object list, some feedback please


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FSDevConf team
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I have started coding on ObPlacer XML again, but I would like some feedback from you the future users.

As you might have seen in the alpha preview screenshots there is a list of objects you have already placed. How would you like to see the objects listed there? Using their user comment, object name (effect name, library object name) or by their lat/lon. Or maybe a combination of the above?

Using the user comment sounds good for example, but what happens when you forget to enter one.

Lat/lon on the other hand might be hard to link to a certain object.

So what would you prefer?
Hi Arno.

That is a problem... which one? Could it be possible to have all three, and be able to use a sort function to arrange them on an as-needed basis?

Hi Dick,

Yes, a combination of them would also be possible. You think all three would be useful? As you can see on the screenshots the box is not very width, so it might be difficult to read.

The idea of sorting on them sounds good. Will have a look if I can do that, maybe I must use a different element which allows me to scale the different columns as well as sort them. Then you could arrange the list like you wish.

Good idea :D.
Are there any people around here with some Visual Basic experience? :).

I am still looking for a nice element I can use for my object list. In Library Creator XML I made use of a simple ListBox element, but now I am looking for something that has columns as well. And I want to sort the data on these columns.
Most elements I found until now need some sort of database for the data, but I would prefer not to have that as well, I am feeding it with the data from the XML file.

Does anyone have a good idea?
Yes, I was thinking in that direction as well. But at the moment I have not found one where I can easily add a new row etc. I don't want to have to make a database with the data for the grid etc.

I will continue searching :).
Time to switch to Delphi, for trully RAD. Once You'll commit Yourself to Borland, You'll never want to go back to Microsoft (except in certain cases) :D
No really, in Delphi You have far more objects to use, grid is among one of standardly added, You'll won't need to build certain objects by hand, just put components on the form and here You go. Really. Take a look at Delphi 7 Personal, it's free: Borland Delphi downloads.

Best regards,
Hi Goran.

I've never seen any free version of Delphi ( other than the free 6.0 Personal that is no longer available ).

There is a trial version of Architect 7.0... is that what you mean? Isn't there a time limit on that version?

Rhumba no, Delphi 7 Personal is again free. You only need to register to get key code and that's it. Of course, there are some limitations, what You can do with it and what You get in personal edition (no database components for example) but it is still free. Click on the download link I provided above.
And yes, Delphi 7 Architect is trial for 30 days, that is true.

Best regards,
Hi Goran.

Sorry, I see the key download, but no download for a personal version of Delphi. :(