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Object priority within a scene for FSX


Resource contributor
Anyone with figured out how to specify the drawing order of objects in a scene?

I am converting a control tower to FSX. In FS9 I fudged the order by ensuring that the various objects were last modified in the priority I wanted them to appear, usually by cloning and deleting the orginal object. This is the order I used:

1. desk (control panels) and floor
2. people
3. balance of the tower interior
4. tower superstructure
5. tower exterior
6. exterior fence around tower top

That worked fine in FS9. In FSX this technique is not working. My interior is drawing higher than my exterior, so looking rather odd. In fact with all my different layers, it's quite a jumble in FSX. Drawing order in the design view is fine. How can I specify the drawing order of objects in the same


Just a thought, but maybe FS10 needs a cascaded heirarchy, from inner most to outer most objects. You might even want to place a dummy or geometry-less box at 0,0,0 as a top node.

Hi Jon,

In the old gamepack the texture name was also used to determine the drawing order (as the polygons where drawn based on the texture used and the texture list was ordered alphabetically).

I have not test in the new gamepack if this is still the case, but it might be something to look at.
Hi Lou,

Interesting idea! How would I then tell the modelling program what order to show subsequent objects?

Hi Arno,

The objects use the same texture ...