FS2004 Objects in the library don't show in FS

Hey all :wave:

I followed the instructions in the online manual and created my first library, all mdls. Put it in a separate folder in the E:\ drive. They loaded fine in ADE and I placed an object in my airport scenery. I also put the textures in a *texture* folder inside the folder that contains the library bgl.

But the object didn't show when I loaded in FS. Why and how to fix it? I can't get what I'm doing wrong.:confused:
You don't see your object because FS can't find your textures. The object's textures go in a folder named texture which is placed in the same folder as the scenery folder containing your library bgl.
As an example:
Addon Scenery
Scenery - your airport bgl and library bgl go here.
Texture - your textures for the models in your library bgl go here.

Well, I don't think it's the textures because the library bgl, the accompanying text file and the library xml need the same textures as required by an addon scenery. So, the textures are already in the texture folder. So, the problem should be something else, shouldn't it?

Or is it that I've placed the xml file there as well? I need to place just bgl or?
Put it this way. If you made a library of say, 3 objects - Shed-01, Shed -02 and terminal - for a particular scenery you should end up with a "my library.bgl" which contains all 3 objects. For these objects to display in FS you would have to add them from your library to a "placement" file using Instant Scenery, ADE or some type of placement program. For the scenery to appear in FS you need the my library.bgl and the placement.bgl to be in a scenery folder and all of the required textures to be in a texture folder with both of these folders being in another folder, usually the name of the scenery. You will then have to add this folder and activate it in the scenery library. It would be possible to just add the 2 .bgl files to the Addon Scenery/scenery folder and put the textures into the Addon Scenery/texture folder but it is highly recommended NOT to do this as you will end up with a horrible mess making it almost impossible to sort out any problems that may develop.