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OBplacer 0.40?


so i can understand the interface of obplacer 0.40 a little step at a time could anybody guide me thru this??
What is "Output File"?? i donot understand the term of this? Is it from my main library file of macros or????
I assume "macro file" is the macro i choose to place, and what format or named, like API, not sure if it always has to be exactly a API?
and last, for now, what does checking "append mode" do?
If i choose a macro to use i would like to be able to use it again?
plz help me to clarify, thank you <<AXE>>
Did you read the PDF manual that comes with the tool? It answers all the questions you ask.

Output file is the SCASM file to be written.

Macro is indeed the API macro you want to place.

If you don't select the apend option, your SCASM file will be cleared before new objects are added.
can anybody break that down into easier termology?(output file)
if i have a folder called "library" inside my Obplacer folder, With my API macros inside my folder "Library", do I browse for that, and place in the box for "Output file"? I really don't understand that?????:confused:
I can pick my Macro "HANGER22.API" and place in the "macro file" box. But, the first is really lost me?! or
help is nessasary<<AXE>>:confused:
Do i use two files, a .sca and a .API one for a single building?
I tried nova
"Output File"

(I changed .scm to .sca on the file itself and it showed when i browsed)??

"Macro Folder"
"Radius (v2)"

the rest was left blank.
pressed "place object"
obplacer said the place it would place.
When I pressed "Compile BGL, I recieved a error message???
"run time error"53" "
file not found
I have all runtime installed, other programs i use need it!?
any help would be appreciated<<AXE>:mad:

I think you are confusing two things. The API macros are the objects you want to place, you already have them. The output SCASM file is a new file that is created by the tool to place these macros at a certain position. You can place all your API macros in one single SCA file (that is what the append option is for as well).

So the API contains the object itself and the SCA file specifies where that object should be placed on the world, with which scale and heading, etc.

In the end SCASM is used to compile the SCA file to a BGL file. If you get an error while compiling, you can best try to compile the generated SCA file manually with SCASM.exe.
I am confused but, I do understand what the macro is(i think):laughing:
The output SCASM file is a new file that is created by the tool to place these macros at a certain position. You can place all your API macros in one single SCA file (that is what the append option is for as well).
This is the part i don't understand!
How do I create the scasm source file or output file??
I did it like i did before, droped the macro onto "SCASM" and it said it placed the object, but it didnot show?(even after restarting FS.)
all it did was make a .bgl file inside my obplacer folder?
and i used bgl analizer and it says the long. lat. & alt is all zero?
so i flew around zero, zero, zero for awhile and didnot see any thing there either?
I know its me doing something wrong???
plz explain in kiddy steps for me???:rolleyes:
:confused: OK,
so i just type in a folder of my choice in "output file"?
and object placer makes a .sca file inside of that folder when i press "place object"?
then, What do i drop on "scasm"?
the .API macro that i have already, or the .sca file that this tool made?
thank you<<AXE>>:confused:

Like I said before in the output file box you enter the filename of the new SCASM file that ObPlacer should make to place your objects in. So you must not select an API macro or a folder there.

If the automatic compilation does not work, then you would have to drop that SCA file on SCASM.exe yourself to get a BGL file.