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Obplacer_xml First Report

Arno...here's a beta report. First thanks for such an awesome utility. This is the tool I've been most hoping for.

A couple bugs are keeping it from working for me, but that's to be expected.

I have two ideas for improvement, but first I'll discuss the fatal flaw!

After getting the ocx file installed, everthing appeared to work as expected. I loaded a file I've been working on, successfully deleted a mdl, and then proceeded to add 11 mdls to my list, and place them. At that point I clicked "save xml". I got the error message shown in the attacked pic and the application froze.. I had to use the alt-cntrl-delete to end the application.

I then looked at my file (I had backed it up prior to starting of course!). The xml appeared to not include any of my additions, which i'd expected, but the white space was entirely reformated, and now the file no longer will parse manually. Somehow the process of opening the file disturbed the format of the xml that was initially there. And you know how fussy xml is about format.

I tried to re start obplacer and re-open that file, but now it claims a runtime error...pic 2 if this board allows 2, otherwise I'll follow this message with pic 2.

So that's the bad bug.

Now...enhancement ideas

I'd enjoy being able to populate my mdl list with a multiple selection.
I'd rather the curser not point at the top line of my object list upon placing a new model. It would be better to have it point at the mdl just entered.

Thanks again for your efforts! This is surely the tool of choice.


Bob Bernstein
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btw, thought I should mention that my xml file that got messed up had some initial entries that weren't standard mdl placement items. I'd started that file with some exclude areas, then a trigger, and a windsock. Perhaps that confused obplacer.

Hi Bob,

Can you send me that XML file? The normal XML save procedure does not give a very readable XML file (all commands on one line). Therefore I run my own subroutine on it to make readable code out if it again. I think that code hit something it was not anticipating and therefore gave you the bug.

For the ideas. Adding multiple MDLs at the same time. Humm, something like Library Creator XML thus where you can add an entire folder?

For the location in the list that is a good point. I had noticed that before. Will take a look at it.
Thanks got it!

Time to move back behind my laptop now and try to find those bugs :D.
Yes, it was what I thought. I have updating the saving routine and your file works OK now. The saved XML file has also an increased readability in the new version.