FSX Obstruction in ADE for FSX

To locate such objects I normally use the payware Instant Scenery. First I am searching with a special feature of this program for the object, the file library and the scenery file name.
And then I can move or delete this object .


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Try using a small Exclude rectangle (button with a yellow square on it) set to Exclude All, right over the pole.
Thanks Tom all for the assist. I guess if necessary I can approximate where it is....not showing at all in ADE. Chris..its my KINT personal airport adaptation :)...If I can get my McDonalds to show up in FSX, fly by sometime and I will buy you a coffee...lol. Thanks for the Instant Scenery tip. Mr. Flatterman. I purchased it for p3dv3 as a trial but haven't used it yet. but I have decided to move my airport and all my Piedmont AI's to FSX because I am tired of no lights, and planes not right....etc etc etc. So I have set up or setting up FSX and client machine on its own windows 10 drives and network and have p3dv4 on its own windows 10 and drive and network. so there is no co-habitation of these two wanting to mingle.... Maybe Simbol will eventually release this AI Lights Reborn Professional and then maybe I will consider moving back. Will probably ise AIG Flight plans for the other AI's in P3dv4.4.

Warmest Greets to all and sorry for the slow delay,
Bob M.


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Bob, if your plane symbol appears in ADE while flying in FS (I think you had a problem with this?) you can move your plane into the pole and use that. If not, just estimate it - you should be able to get close enough.