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Obtaining Static Aircraft libraries.

Ok, I give up again.... :confused: , seems that while everyone is cobbling together scenery of all types from a pile of logs too Suspension Bridges and all points between, not a lot of noticible static aircraft libraries can be found...'one to date' and only for modern airlines only, great if thats what you need for your shiny new airport, but what of those not so shiny rather tatty looking ex-raf/usaf bases that seem to be missing not only in real life but from the files of MSFS, so question is we would one look to obtain sush things as mid sixties UK/US miltary aircraft without having to resort to building them yourself, not all of us are capable of such feats just yet, any ideas folks?????
I left your topic here in the aircraft design section, although it is related to scenery design. Maybe the aircraft designers that hang out here have some good ideas :).

I think in general static aircraft are used less and less in addon sceneries, as we now have AI. It is much more fun to have a flying aircraft in your scenery, than a static one. So that could explain the lack of object libraries with statics.

I can imagine that for a military airfield you might want a few statics, but especially if you design a historical scenery, this means the types you want are so specific that it will be hard to find models for them. Having to design them yourself can then be the case. Or maybe you can find some flyable models that you can turn into a static (if the author wants to help you on that for example).
Understandably confused..

Thanks again Arno for the prompt reply, I guess the reasoning behind not going for AI/AC is so far I have had no luck in cranking any AI aircraft into life at any airport at all, got files full of em but no luck, So...Deep Breath required here, ....As a side project seems I will need to learn how too boot some life into them as most of them I need for this one are already AI models.
The answer, my friends, is at Freeflight Design Shop.

Our source files libraries include latest gmax/FSDS and earlier source files.

Basically, there's a boatload of "old" source files, made with Flight Shop, Aircraft Factory that can be easily converted to dxf, fsds source files, etc. If you want a static aircraft, these old models don't look too shabby from a distance. Okay, so you have to retexture them.

For that matter, and Arno and others may chime in, can't the old compiled FS98/FS2000 models be turned into scenery objects?
Felix is right. It is not to difficult to make scenery api/scm files from flyable FS98 and FS2000 aircraft. Infact, with a little more work you could probably do it with later sim models since MDLC will make raw scasm code. The main problem you have is so many of the FS2000 and later flyable models are so over weight with polys do to poor economy of design not to mention HUGE textures with lots of unused space in them. It would be nice if some industrious programmer would make a utility, much like the old DynaKit, that could read and extract the drawing code of aircraft made after FS98 and then build a library (with a choice of it being either static or dynamic) from them in the way we have XML Library Creator.

Abacus released a group of dynamic libraries of mainly navy planes for their Flight Deck carrier ops program and dynamic scenery still works in FS2004, but there really hasn't been any new utilities other than FSDyn! and AutoASM to utilize dynamic scenery libraries for sometime. It might be possible to use the dynamic library objects as "static" by writing the paths with just sleep coding.
I'll have to give that some investigation.


Follow up:

Yes, you can use dynamic libraries as static.


Using SCASM code like this:

Header( 1  N41:57:40.37 N41:45:14.55 W087:30:28.59 W087:42:32.02 )
LatRange(  N41:45:14.55  N41:57:40.37 )

;  Dynamic scenery

Area15( 41.90889 41.80889 -87.55748 -87.65748 &  )
    LatRef( 41:51.53356 )
   CallDLibObj( :DYN_1 3 0 00C2CDA9 A9E100AA 596711D0 B1A18304 )
   CallDLibObj( :DYN_2 3 0 00C2CDA9 A9E100AA 596711D0 B1A18305 )
    Setpos( 41:51.21219 -087:36.4899 165.8692 )
    ACS( 1 )
    Heading( 0 )
    Jump( :DYN_1 )
    Setpos( 41:51.211965 -087:36.517465 165.5082 )
    ACS( 1 )
    Heading( 0 )
    Jump( :DYN_2 )

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The suggestion made by Felix is indeed a good one. I also used the FreeFlight site when I needed a static F104 for a scenery (this aircraft is parked in front of a museum). So I took a not so complex aircraft model for there and put my own texture on it. This resulted in a perfect static in the end.

For old aircraft models (pre-Fs2002 I think), there are indeed some utilities to create API macros from them. But as Lou already indicated you need to be very careful with the amount of polygons they use. For the more recent aircraft MDL files I haven't seen such a tool, although reading aircraft MDL files is on my MDL Tweaker wishlist for quite some time already. But I can't promise if or when that feature will be there :).
The reasoning behind using simple but good visual static A/C is that the airfield I am labouring over currently had for some time been used to store surplus A/C of various types up untill the late ninties i believe when it was finaly closed to traffic though still fully owned by the RAF and used for training, most of the building have now been rented off to local business or just left derelict sadly...The base idea was to be able to offer a number of time line sceneries for this field ranging from the forties through the various tenant changes to closure and has been a back burner idea for some time untill now, so far the sceneries are completed but just lack suitable parked/stored A/C and as military AI aircraft are rare I don't beleive setting up AI traffic for this field is the way to go though others might feel they need such things, as an experiment I added it too my FSLIVe Traffic for a while and it was serviced by AI along with all the others though the adding of additional fied to the database requires a lot of fiddling to get it to work.
Anyway if anyone comes across 40/50/60/70/80 USAF/RAF military statics at all please let me know.