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Official Airport to SDK project: here is a small app to help you (draft)

Hello.. Support,
Sorry, i understand not, i download "Airport2Project_1_0_0_22.zip", but how install it? i found not Readme..! Where? Or Install to ADE 2020?

There's nothing to install.

Unzip it and click on this and you do everything inside the box that opens.

Screenshot 2024-01-28 145620.jpg
Hello.. Support,
Sorry, i understand not, i download "Airport2Project_1_0_0_22.zip", but how install it? i found not Readme..! Where? Or Install to ADE 2020?
Thanks yours A2P Tools..!
The app is created by Patrick Germain. To install, simply unzip it to the directory of your choice. It has nothing to do with ADE 2020, excepting the resultant airport xml can be imported to ADE. Enter an approximate latitude and longitude and then select an icao from the dropdown list.
Hallo. This late in the history of MSFS and after a lot of fun work with ADE I get the tip to download your app/pgm/utility. I have read through this thread and it seems to me that your utility decompiles the stock airport bgls. I need a tool to decompile the "updated" / de luxe versions of a number of airports. I have used ADE for editing taxiways and taxyway signs in MSFS, but when using it on improved/updated MSFS airports (Asobo-Microsoft, not addons) I often get scenery errors, terraforming issues (LSZH) and missing objects, as ADE decompiles the base airports and cannot find or handle the improved ones (LFPG, EDDT, EDDB, EHAM...)
I really would love a decompiler for the improved ones. I know I can get into the SDK and start a project with the ADE decompiled xml. Is this what your tool would do - create the base airport xml?

Maybe I should add that I have very little programming knowledge, but I have managed to use ADE for editing jetways, parkings, taxiway signs and taxiways.
Some deluxe airports and Marketplace airports are encrypted and cannot be decompiled.
OK. Maybe that makes sense economically. Is there a way to know if the .bgls are encrypted? Or perhaps I am more interested in if this utility can decompile .bgls in general. It seems from my limited expertise that the redone/deluxe airports have several separate .bgls that concern different aspects of the airport, but not the scenery as a whole, and perhaps these can be decompiled and added to a project?
OK. Maybe that makes sense economically. Is there a way to know if the .bgls are encrypted?

The encrypted ones will show up as a fsarchive file rather than a bgl.

It's only the premium and deluxe airports and payware airports bought through the marketplace that are encrypted, not the world update or other free Microsoft airports.

Those are regular bgls.

This program seems to ignore terraforming and custom materials. There might be a separate shape/ shp bgl with some airports that could be decomplied, but others don't have it.
Thanks for clarifications! I suppose the best (?) way to handle this is to add adjusted signs, taxiways and other features next to or over the stock airport features, and then use the delete command to remove everything double. At least for signs. To copy/add all taxiways and signs before deleting the default ones seems a bit tedious though, for airports like EHAM, EGLL and LFPG. Perhaps covering the default signs with new ones is where my stamina ends.