FSX:SE old folk problem using version 165 and can't compile!

Looked everywhere for this. settings options tabs and hidden tabs. in file registry, where is the fix please. many thanks for a great piece of software.! cause can't compile! Christine
PS:: just a thought .. some of us do not fly every day, or even every month or year even, Please leave the "OLD stuff" in your program. There are things in life that can prevent access to computers for years.. (like doctors and hospitals)
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I am not sure what you mean by leaving the OLD STUFF in. As it happens 1.65 is an old version of ADE. Nevertheless we generally don't remove functions and I can't tell what old stuff you are referring to.

On to the problem. The first thing to try is related to something called the project settings file which can sometimes contain bad data. It is something we are working to fix in the current development version 1.77.

I have loaded a project into ADE 1.65. And shown the Compile window here


You can see the project name is KHUT_ADEX_JM. In your case the project file appears to be JY35_ADEX_cr.

Make sure ADE is not running and use your file explorer to find the ADE main installation Folder - Probably something like this


Open the FSX folder inside the ADE main folder and then the folder called apsf


In there are project specific settings files for your projects. You see they start with the project name. Find the one related to JY35_ADEX_cr and move it somewhere else so it is not in the ADE folders any more.

Now restart ADE and open that project. ADE will create a default project settings file for it based on your own settings. Open the project and try to compile it. If that works we are done. If not we may need to look at the program settings file.