Old Rways, aprons and taxiways still showing up

I'm working on improving O68 airfield and after drawing the new taxiways and runways I can still see parts of the old one. I removed everything except the comms, windsock, and beacon towers before I added anything and after compiling to see how it's looking I get double taxiways and an apron which I haven't added yet which tells that fsx is reading both airports and showing everything from both of them. How do I fix that so it only shows the airport that I'm working on? So far I tried to use the polygon tool to no avail. The circled items should not be there.

I have the default and the one I'm working on, I thought when you add an airport to the Addon Scenery and make active the default one would turn inactive. I have no duplicates in the Addon Scenery.
In ADE (version 01.76.6715 or others) go to TOOLS and use "File Priority Analyzer" to see which files will be used to produce the flight sim image.

Please tell us what you see in this tool.


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In sims later than FSX O68 has had it's ICAO code changed to KMPI and you appear to be using P3D from the earlier thread . Are you sure you do not have an airport using the new code? If your default airport is O68 then it appears you are using a modified APX file?


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The index of airports used with P3D is the same as FSX. I am updating the P3D indexes.
This default airport was modified by https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html update, its icao was modified also to KMPI but ade can't find either airport to open (O68 or KMPI) so I uninstalled this update which restored it to the default airport and now I was able to open it and save it and then I reinstalled that update again and started modifying it but ade will not allow me to change the icao because it's greyed out in airport properties I think you just found the problem. It's loading both airports because it thinks they are different airports.


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Correct. An ADE airport with a different ICAO code will not exclude the other airport. You must edit the other airport, removing everything from it, and compile that into an active scenery folder.