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I'd like to create/modify some xml gauges by adding/changing "On Key" entries.

In xml gauges we have the section <Keys>
Then for example :

<On Key="577" ID="Control+A">

Where can I find a list of those numbers ? Especially those with CTRL+SHIFT combo. It is not ASCII code.

I search in SDK files without success. Google doesn't have the solution too.

I'd like to find :
<On Key="???" ID="Shift+0">
<On Key="???" ID="Shift+p">
<On Key="???" ID="Shift+o">
<On Key="???" ID="Shift+l">

Thanks for your help.

Well, I solved with Excel lol

Find out that SHIFT+ is just the ASCII number + 256
CTRL = ASCII + 512


Excuse me if I go off topic but let me ask: Is something like this available for C/C++ gauges without having to work at lower level (I'm using DirectInput for example) to intercept keys?
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Right, but it's not that easy...even DirectInput may appear as simpler (at least to me). Plus with DirectInput you can be sure your code (gauge) is portable across almost all FS/P3D versions running on windows, when was SimConnect first introduced, in FSX?
Thank you WarpD!
FS9 is no longer a viable development target, though I know there are those who refuse to move onward. However it's an extremely dead platform at this point. As for DirectInput, it is not an ideal method because the user may have other addons that want to use custom key strokes that you've decided to intercept. Things can go south quickly. In short, working inside the "sandbox" ensures you are unlikely to conflict with anything else. Of course, if you're developing for FS9 you probably don't have any competition for user input in that area, so I can understand it may not be much of a concern to you. However in other sims, it can be.

How to do keyboard input utilizing SimConnect is well documented here in the Wiki.


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But we few that refuse to move on from FS9 are a proud people. :)

Seriously, I haven't seen enough features in later sims that make me want to upgrade. I had already refused to update the dozens of aircraft I had created for FS9 to FSX format when they should have been fully FSX compatible (according to MS's promises to me during FSX development). And since I fly in the 1960s, sims later than FS9 only have more work to do backdating navaids and approaches that have been removed from what was already in FS9.
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