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Hi Ove, I also meant purlins when talking about crossbeams. Possibility to choose texture and size for purlins is ready in the next version (by using the extension field). Later it may also be possible to choose the number of purlins and distance from wall/middle of hangar as well.

I'm not sure if you've tried out the extensions feature at all, but I think it's probably the best way to add non-standard details.

If I decide to draw more detailed beams, I would leave the more simple beans in, as again it's all about finding the balance between realism and FPS.

I've also more or less completed the possibility to add a single wall (wall thickness 0). As it stands, the back of the beams show on the outside of the hangar if setting wall thickness to 0, so I have to think of a way to avoid this. I've not tested to see if they show in FSX, but they do show in ModelConverterX, so I assume they will show in FSX as well.

I've posted links to this thread on and, but so far there hasn't been any responses to those posts. I will, when I feel the hangar tool has been developed enough, upload a version with higher resolution textures and scrambled ruby code to avsim and, but I think it's too early to upload it as it stands, especially considering I'm releasing a new version more or less daily.

It's pretty impressive that you've built one in real life yourself, I don't think that's anything I would embark on doing myself, even though I come from a family of carpenters where the last three generations worked in that trade.
Hi charlymorton
Nice to know we are talking about the same thing.
I am definitely going to explore extensions more deeply
I've uploaded an updated version which includes customisable purlins and single walls/roofs, although there are still a few issues which needs to be addressed with the single walls/roofs.
Download problem

Hi charlymorton
Their seems to be a problem downloading your latest update
I think the link is to one off the previous versions, and the download stops with a few bits missing.
Same with hangar
How big is the latest
Hi Ove,

You'll be happy to know that allowing untextured faces only needs a small coding change and it should be ready in the next versions.
I've also added crossbeams in the side walls for the standard hangar, although their size and vertical distance isn't something that's possible to adjust at the moment, but will be in one of the next few versions.
The hangar tool has been updated again. I'm going to create a roadmap for the tool to (hopefully) make my work a bit more structured. At the moment I have several new features planned, but no idea on how or when I'm going to implement them, or even when I'm planning to figure out how to implement them.
I've now given myself a task list of what needs to be done before this plugin will be released on the main flight sim sites. When the plugin is released, it will feature higher resolution textures than I'm able to offer in this thread.

I've currently 76 tasks to complete (of which 7 have been completed already) before the plugin is released, although some of these tasks may be split into smaller subtasks, due to the magnitude of some of the tasks.
Suggestion for rows: Random door open/close state

In a row of hangars, it's more "natural" for some to be open and some closed.

My quick-and-dirty solution is as follows, though I'm certain that there are probably unintended consequences and a much better way to do this... (I'm a software developer, but I only know just enough Ruby to be dangerous...)

	if door_folding_level == -1
		door_angle_random = rand (2)
		if door_angle_random == 0
			door_folding_level = 5
		elsif door_angle_random == 1
			door_folding_level = 90
I put this inside the insert_door method.

If I can get this to work, here's a screen cap of a hangar generated with this:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to the next version. I did have a random opening level previously, but removed it at some stage when changing the code for how the doors were added.

The long term plan is for users to be able to change settings for each individual door.
Thank you. I'm happy you enjoy this.
I'm currently working on a feature to expand the end hangars of the double nested T-hangars (similar layout to this image), but it's such tedious work to get it right, so it'll take a lot longer than first anticipated.
I've also made the import parking feature more flexible (only for standard hangars so far), and when those two features have been completed, I'm ready to release the next version.
New update with a new hangar type. The circular hangar is common at smaller airports in Europe, mainly in Germany. This hangar type can be seen at Landshut-Ellermühle, Eggenfelden and many more airports.

The initial version is just a basic version without any doors.