Online Photo Scenery and FS11

I have been absolutely amazed at TileProxy, and being able to see the world as a photo real world 'in' Flight Simulator.

I see this as possibly being a new leap in the Sim World, just like TrackIR.

The authors of FSX may wish to consider having cool options to enable linking into a service (made easier for people that have no idea on how to do this) so they could see the world photographically also.

Remember, MS has Virtual Earth, which competes with Google. Perhaps MS could use FS to help VE with marketing, and vice versa, sort of a partnership service to each other.

Some thoughts on this to add to the 'concept' of online downloaded photo scenery, is that one could save it to HD (as its done now) and save sections like Colorado as 'Colorado in the Winter', since it seems that Photo Aerial Scenery is now becomming such a great interest that seasonal views are now coming to focus. Thus if say Autum or Winter were then available, one flies the routes, its saved to Cache, and can be labeled and activated for flying offline later. Thus the system doesnt run all the time, only for the first time to recieve the Cache scenery.

If you check out TileProxy for FSX/FS9, you can see how it converts JPG's to BGL's and stores them in World Scenery Cache centers and a parent manager could then manage these for FS if such a concept system were used.

This could also possibly be called 'Virtual Flight Simulator' and could be a retail addon for FS and update the system to incorporate VE and Cache Management with FS. It would probably have to be noted to purchasers of the product of the amount of space that this system can actual use or require.