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Open Letter To Ms. Fsx Team


Dear engineers, Technician, Artists and computer gurus First of all I want to congratulate every one of you for giving us (The gamers) so many hours of satisfaction and joy on this great game of yours called Flight Simulator X. Its already been two years ever since this game was first released and the flight simulator community is already accustomed to see the game being launched every two years, so we all are nervously expecting and wondering about the next coming Flight Simulator and everybody on the chats and forums worldwide are asking to each other how great the next coming one is going to be and what new features and enhancements it will bring.

We have to feel very proud that in the last two years many electronic and technical resources have been developed and bettered to achieve their goals in a much superior manner. We have now DirectX 10 that enhances the illusion of reality healthier than its previous versions, we count now on REX , on better mapping , better terrain mesh, high definition screens, high definition sounds, better broad bands, and a list of accurate new resources that were not available two or three years ago. Perhaps you have no plans yet to release a new one or maybe we have to await one or two more years, but that is ok since the longer the creation takes, the better off the game will be based on the brand new resources that every month technology brings us.

However, I have to admit that it was a big disappointment for us (the users) when FSX replaced the Flight Simulator 2004. I remember back in those times that I sent you an open letter like this one in which I listed several things that I and my friends thought that were going to change but they unfortunately didn’t. One of those things was the Mooney Bravo which no change or improvement of any kind was seeing on its transition from simulator to simulator.
I also stated on that letter that most of the panels (with the exception of the Havilland Beaver) remained the same, giving no sensation of reality no brightness on the gauges glasses or any better finish. The paint and color lines of the plane fuselage seeing from the pilot seat (Baron and Super king air engines) showed not betterment. And I remember also one of my friends complaining profusely about the simple coastlines, the waves and boats moving to quick and the lack of Ports, docks, piers and finished edges and beaches with no elements of joy or illusion for the flying pilot.

I know that it might be hard and laborious to do but we were expecting the FSX to be more populated and detailed in the remote and solitary islands that pilots always found excited to include in their exploratory journeys, but after the transition they still remained a “Flat piece of green jungle as my friend “Hitty” said” And also the poor mapping used didn’t show the entirety of the terrain nor the totality of the islands and reefs

Back in those days we were betting one to another that the next game will also include again the disgusting houses inside the airport areas (which are non-existent in real life) and that those houses will still be the childish and horrible white boxes with red roofs. And to our surprise, the houses were Right There! In almost every airport of the next simulator…lol.. I don’t know if we are betting that again for the next coming one.
One of the things that we considered an error due to its virtue of messing up the flying illusion were the “enormous” green trees that appear as we approach to the ground. Those trees don’t have a real natural size, they were meant too big especially when they are placed just in front of the runway where you are going to land.
I noticed that people who flew with me when the FSX was newly released, was the aspect of the cities seeing from above the air. That rather to seem like regular current suburbs of today they look like pilgrim settlements of the 1700’s due to those Cursed! Little, white boxes with red roofs, placed on a naked ground with no garnishing or concrete around.

We assure that the use of real Artists will solve those problems completely since they know and feel what should be done in those cases. When and where to change vegetation according to seasons and latitudes (Not every area in the world have the same green and vegetation) for example those pines in the mountains of South America and on the Caribbean islands it’s like placing coconut trees in the poles.

I don’t want you to take this letter as a complaint or think that your hard job of years was taken for granted. On the contrary I admire you since you have mitigated in part my frustrated apprehensiveness of being a pilot. I want also to contribute to what you advised: A feedback for you to sense what is needed and what is to be improved.

To end this letter I want to deliver to you on behalf of the worldwide Flight Simulator community my greatest congratulations and regards and a wonderful new year full of best wishes for the new Flight simulator, no matter when it will be launched and the hopes of having this time the most realistic and good as it could Get!!

Any comments on this letter could be sent to Harrinsson@yahoo.com
I moved this post to the FS Wishlist forum, as that seems to be the best shot as anyone from the Aces team to read it.

A hint about getting a response or a serious look by Aces:

Make requests or complaints very specific.

Stating that the terrain isn't detailed enough doesn't help the Aces. If there is a particular area you want in enhanced detail, that might get a look. Otherwise, the earth is too big, and data either non-existant or too expensive to do "everything". Even with available data, there are only so many man-hours in the budget for developing the sim. I suspect that is the greatest problem, and I'll bet the Aces team works a lot of undocumented ( and unpaid ) overtime.

The Autogen will most probably be tweaked for the next version. In FSX, a format was established to allow much greater variety over FS9. This wasn't fully developed, but as above, there probably was not the time to develop it.

Autogen, landclass, mesh, flat runways... they all can use improvement, but flight simulator is a game, and these elements are a type of "shorthand" that describes the game. The same can be said of the aircraft.

To add ultra-realistic details to all the elements of the sim would require terrabytes of dataspace and ram, and much faster bus speeds and CPUs than are now available.

So I'm sure there will be many "disappointments" in the next version.

Again, make specific requests, and you'll stand a better chance of getting that included in future versions. I hope the Aces do follow your thread, because there may be much to chew on in it.

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What is really sad, is that this great letter is now pointless. :(

If you look at the home page inside fs now, and read the stuff about ACES... the subtext really hits that they (MS) is done with Flight Simulator. Period. You can't read that and take anything else away from it. Yes, it states that they are commited to fs from the past and into the future. But then read on.

I will NOT move to X-Plane...even though I have it, flown it, it is very nice. The plane modeling built in is something FS should have done years ago.. But, I have 1000's of $ invested in my MSFS and will just be happy with it and the amazing add-ons that people are creating for it. That is until I buy a P20 computer system running at 16ghz and buy me a full sized airline simulator for my back yard!!! heheh

But what a good letter....

- Greg

ps. and I hope I am wrong..I hope they do continue.. But 99.99999% sure FSX is the end from MS. At least on a PC. I think they make it clear they are going more into consoles. They say continue for pc games...but I don't see it being high on their list.