FSXA OpenStreetMap doesn't work anymore in SBX315 - I'm missing it...

Hi all,

I opened this thread even if I already posted a related remark/question as appendix to a quite old one dealing with tile servers (sorry for that).

As far as I can see the last tiles I'd been able to download from OpenStreetMap are dated October 21st 2019. Since then I'm getting no reaction when choosing it except a download count that stops suddenly just 1 tile before it should be finished.

The behaviour is independent from location and zoom level. The best I can see are cached tiles. "There must be some kind of way out of here" (J. Hendrix) :eek: - I hope!
Meanwhile I tried even to "refresh" the tool by overwriting the installation with files copied directly out of the ZIP (full installation), but nothing changed.

As I didn't find any hint or even a question regarding this I only can conclude that no one else has a problem, or nobody used OSM for tracking vector lines or polygons in SBX, except me.