FSX Orbx OpenLC Autogen filenames


I'm slowly learning how to create/edit BGL and AGN files and already got my feet wet with ScenProc and SbuilderX. Currently, I'm trying to figure out, which AGN file ORBX openLC Europe uses for a given position.

I know how to determine cordinates from the standard AGN filenames, but unfortunately, the ORBX filenames don't quite follow those conventions. E.g., the first file in OLC_EU1/texture is called "002i2an0.agn".

Does anyone know how I can figure out which AGN files are being used for which locations?

Sorry if this question has been asked before. I tried the search function but couldn't find anything. If there already is an answer to this, I'd appreciate a pointer so that I can find it. Thanks!


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They look like landclass names to me. So they are linked to a specific texture file and not to a location like the autogen for photo sceneries.
Ah, I didn't think of that because I didn't play around with lamdclass files yet.

Thank you! I'll look into it and see what I can learn about those.