Orbyx Global Vector roads

Hi Sidney:

One can use a FSX SDK custom GUID-specific CVX vector 'Exclude' for a specific CVX vector object, then replace that object with a corrected version of the object within 1 or more QMID-11 (LOD-9) sized local quads of the FS terrain grid.

BTW: When this is done with non-FSX, legacy format vector objects in FS2002 or FS2004, we would have to modify the object(s) within 1 or more QMID-7 (LOD-5) sized local quads of the FS terrain grid, so at least we work with smaller overall areas in FSX / P3D.

Alternatively, one can cover up (all) default land class CVX vector objects with an area of custom photo-real aerial imagery in the vicinity of the airport with an image which displays roads etc. in the desired configuration.

If you have an example airport location and Geographic coordinates for the location in question, perhaps we could offer more information on how to modify the scenery in that area without directly editing or otherwise using any proprietary OrbX scenery objects. ;)

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