Otto - Helmsman for the HMS Bounty


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... Wait a minute... was that the siren singing of a mermaid .
I'm sure this was either your imagination , or your doorbell ringing …...LoL
Have fun in "flying" the ship and making the blog; when active, I'll most likely will be following it when I have time.

Cheers, Rob

PS: You're not talking about the "Nautilus" in the 2003 movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", are you ??
@Milton: another "extraordinary" challenge in flightsim modelling ??? …. LoL….
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LOL Jeeze, there's just no end to the possibilities.

I have been contemplating taking HMS Victory on but it's such a massive job, I don't think I have the patience any more to complete it.
Hi Folks,

I am not fully finished with a number of the elements of the "Bounty's log" (blog), but the basic pages and the first post is live and ready for our collective enjoyment. Please feel free to invite all of your friends and acquaintances who would have interest in this mariner's adventure to and participate.

Thanks to Milton for the Bounty, Rob for bringing it to a tangible life, Paul for guiding me to a necessary, albeit temporary tool and finally to Dick for germinating the seed of building my "ship's log" as a blog. A consideration that never crossed my mind until he offered the idea.

Take care.


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Looks great.
By the way: the worthing in your blog makes me recall memories on one of my favorite good-old TVseries: "The Onedin Line".
And Yes, I'm that old …. LoL