Over-sized objects

A friend of mine, who is using an exact copy of GMax as mine with FS2004 SDK, when exporting an object, finds it approximately 1000 times too large. When I export his GMax file it, the size is correct.

We have compared the preferences in our set-ups and unless we have missed something, they all appear alike.

Is this a problems anyone else has had and been able to correct it?


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Could it be that a different unit is set in GMax? I think MakeMDL prefers meters, if you set the units to feet or inch you can get strange results.


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As Arno mentioned, the units are probably set wrong. On the menu bar, click on Customize > Preferences. On the General Tab, make sure the System Unit Scale is set to 1 unit = 1.0 Meters. This is a MUST!!!

Under Customize > Units Setup set it to what ever you like to measure in. Feet, Meters, etc. This is only so you have a way to measure that is handy for you and has nothing to do with the way the model itself is stored. Max will automatically convert your measurements to the System Unit Scale values in the model. You don't even have to enter in measurements in your current chosen Units Setup. If you are working in feet and and you enter in a metric value, say 10.000m, Max will convert it so you don't have to do the math, but you do have to enter in the proper measurement extension, "m".

Hi Lou,

My question now then is "What will the size of the object be when it is exported"?

Personally I have my System Unit Scale set at: 1 Unit =1.0 Feet and a check mark in Automatic Unit Conversion. This allows me to work in Feet and Inches and when I export the sizes are correct.

Since mine is working well I hesitate to make the changes.

Further comment would certainly be appreciated.



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If you are using the makemdl.exe that came with FS2002Pro, yes, you set the System Unit Scale to 1 unit = 1 Feet. Every version of makemdl.exe since that uses 1 unit = 1 Meter. I did not think anyone was still using the old FS2002Pro version as it had some bugs that were fixed in the later versions.

Hi Lou,

I guess we are really on different pages here. I am actually using FS2004SDK and exporting in XML. As you probably know, it works considerably different. The Location, headings etc. is all added after the the mdl is made and it is done in the xml file.

Would still appreciate any more ideas.

Hello again Lou,

I have just been informed by my buddy that had the problems that he was having have been corrected by your advise.

He wishes that I thanks you, and I certainly do.


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heee reminds me of when i first started to stumble my way through with gMAX... created a beacon mast that could be seen from orbit. Just went looking for the pic but was unsuccessful. I popped a chuckle.