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Sidney Schwartz

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I got an email from someone who downloaded one of my FSX sceneries and is using it in P3D. He says there is an elevation problem. I tried to get more information, but he seems to have zero knowledge about such things, and I know nothing about P3D. Is an airport flatten/background created in ADE for FSX going to work in P3D? If not, I'm not going to pursue it any further. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi, Sydney,

I am certainly not an ADE guru, but just a barefoot on this subject.

From my own tests, tries, keep or delete, as well as readings, my feeling is that P3D goes farther on some options or materials than FSX did, but that basically FSX native sceneries are working without trouble.
Using FS9 type thingies or models generates problems.

I am using P3D v4.3 together with ORBX Global, Vector, freeware airports pack, as well as Toposim world coverage mesh files.
I have been checking your PACV scenery. Your airport itself displays normally, and the only things I could notice are
* the generic autogen DC-3 is not displayed (I could not even find it inside the vehicles_aircraft.bgl on my system, but may be a corrupt file at my end),
* one texture is missing, i.e. PIPER_J3_CUB_YELLOW-BLACK_WHEELS_0.DDS,
* the two water pieces on the southern side of main runway are located into holes, resp. 26.2 and 9.8 ft altitude, whereas airport altitude is 42 ft in the sim (no altitude differences when using the stock airport), and the piece of water on the northern side of main runway has no issue, being also displayed at 42 ft altitude,
* when slewing the aircraft between the DC-3 parking and the main apron, ground textures may happen to change on the fly (interference between ORBX FTXG and stock textures, other?).
There are of course some "particular" visuals at the border between the airport background and the active mesh, providing here and there some cliffs-like airport boundaries, but this is a usual consequence of the altitude differences between airport altitude and surrounding more accurate mesh than the stock one.

So far, I do not know how to check the CVX files, therefore not knowing the exact borders of your airport background, but your runways, taxiways, aprons, hangars and buildings, vehicles etc... are all showing at the right altitude in the airport.

Apart from that, the ORBX freeware airport pack also cover some same airports than your sceneries, understand CYFB, CYQM, CYQX, KCRW, KFMN and PABR, therefore scenery priorites should be checked into the scenery.cfg, and/or some files discarded.

Possibly, your reporting user should mention the offending scenery, as well as which addons are installed on his system... I assume the scenery displays without trouble on your own system ;-)
Here, I am also using various FSX (freeware) airport sceneries for AU or NZ, some alaskan updated airports, Canary Islands, Chile, and Milford Sound by Shigeru Tomino (copied/pasted from my former FSX install into my various P3D versions), and rather few to no issues in my present P3D.

I guess you will receive some more feed-back from other ADE users!

Blue skies

Sidney Schwartz

Resource contributor
Thanks for the info, Philippe. :)

Sorry about the missing texture. I've attached it here for you. I'm guessing that the DC-3 is not included in the P3D libraries.

I still can't tell if the flatten I made is working in P3D. From what you're describing there's a flatten in your scenery, but it could be that the one in my scenery is not working and you're seeing the stock P3D flatten. If you'd like the ade file for the Cordova scenery to play with, I'd be happy to send it to you.


Would be glad to receive the ADE file to check if I can see the background or flatten on which all your buildings and vehicles are located, but here they are all at the same altitude (= airport altitude), except the two water pieces mentionned above.
P3D reports texture PIPER_J3_CUB_YELLOW-BLACK_WHEELS_0.DDS as missing. The Cessna displays without troubles at my side.
Thank you for your comprehension.