P3D V4: How to make the "BGL" scenery file without autogen suppression?

I used MCX to make the 3d BGL files. What I did is to use "Import" pull up menu to import the 3d model and use "Export Scenery" pull up menu to generate BGL file. But the generated BGL file suppressed all the autogen in the surrounding area. Is there an option in MCX's setting, which can make all generated BGL files to be no autogen suppressed?

I knew that there is a check box of "no autogen suppression" under Wizards pull up menu, but some how it give me a lot of error by using the "wizards". So I need some help to find an alternative way to generate BGL files without autogen suppression.




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I assume you use the position editor to set the location of your object. You should be able to set no autogen suppression there as well.
Autogen suppression is due to ground poly or to scenery objects that do not have autogen suppression checked.
As for the ground poly: run them once more through MCX Ground Polygon Wizard and make sure you check the 'no autogen suppresion' tag.
If scenery objects are concerned then make sure you also add them with a tag 'no autogen suppression'.
Should be a piece of cake!