P3D V5; Anyone having Turboprop Cold Start issues?

Hey all,

Owners of my Quest Kodiak addon are having issues doing cold starts in P3D V5. Has anyone else had this issue in V5? They say that other turboprops are 'not' having this issue, that its only with the Kodiak. I am wondering if there is another plane having this issue that has either a Jet or Turboprop engine, perhaps also twins such as Beech Kingair's, etc.

It starts fine with Control-E, but not with the starter switch system. Works fine in all the other sims.

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Do you need code (C++)? I wrote bullet-proof code for engine start and Ctrl+E handling after getting annoyed with the way the sim handles these things. It starts/stops the engines, fixes inconsistencies in starter state, etc. very simply.

P3D also seems to have some glitches with engine handling. Check your FDE as this can have a major impact. It can be configured such that the engines run sometimes, and not others.