P3D V5 - strange textures on custom object exported with Blender2P3D tool

Hi, I just finished my first ever Blender object and wanted to export it using the latest version of the Blender2P3D tool (with P3D V5 support) and the P3D V5 HF 1 SDK installed. In Blender the model looks good, when I load it into MCX I need to flip the textures vertically but that´s not a big deal. However, after placing the model with ADE, compiling the airport and starting P3D, the model looks pure white. Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem:





But in P3D V5 I get this:


Does anyone have an idea what I´m doing wrong?

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Did you UV unwrap it within blender at all or how were the textures applied to the model?
Yes, UV unwrapped in Blender and baked separately (diffuse, AO, normal; specular map created by hand in photoshop):




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Hey fabs,

I think this is due to the reflection value. Turn down the reflection scale to something more reasonable 0-20? and try again.

I noticed this behavior as well and I changed the default setting of the toolset in the next version.
Thank you, I´ll try your suggestions tonight. I thought that some parameter might be totally off; though I believe I left everything at its default value thinking that this might be the best option for most situations. It´s probably a good idea to change the reflection to a reasonable level by default.

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Yeah, I this one is on me, because the toolset defaults to 100 as a reflection value.

But while we're at it: what SHOULD be the default value for this setting? In our test build I set it to "0", but maybe something around 10-20 would be better? I really have no clue :ziplip:


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It really depends on the material used.. metal compare to non-metal. Also depends on texture also, dark compared to light. I would set to 0 (zero). Let the developer decide what value is needed for them.
If I recall correctly, in the FSX gamepack for gmax the values are determined by a percentage slider (0-100, default 0), translating to reflection scale values between 0 and 1 in the compiled model. Reflection scale > 1 doesn't really make sense anyway, does it?

Don't know if it's different for P3D.