P3D v4 P3Dv4.5 Objects Placed With ADE Missing

SOLVED (UPDATE) : This problem has nothing to do with ADE, but with P3Dv4.5 in that FSX versions of MAIW objects are no longer recognized, even if placed with ADE. I was required to update each .bgl by using Arno's Model Converter to convert each to a P3Dv4 .bgl and then to place that .bgl into the MUGM Scenery Folder, delete the existing files in MUGM's Library Object Manager for each .bgl and then replace these files within the Library Manager with the newly created P3Dv4.5 .bgl. Had to also transfer all relevant Texture files from FSX into MUGM's Texture folder. None of that was required prior to updating to version 4.5 in P3D. Hope this helps anyone using MAIW objects and having had them disappear even though they were listed in the Library Object Manager and were also listed in the .xml created during compile and saving in ADE.

Original Post: I have the same objects placed at the same airport in FSX and P3Dv4.5 and they display in FSX but not in P3Dv4 and I noticed this after updating to v4.5, because they displayed prior to that update. The objects are listed in ADE at both FSX and P3D. I did check the .xml created by ADE during compile and these objects are not listed. As an example, two of the objects are AB MISC.bgl 005 a97baed5-47c6-ddd6-5f04-7a7d9b24dac and MAIW Cargo.bgl 5fe3t9bc-4d6c-4f1f-7617-4a8e3238108c. Many other objects do appear. Do I have to list them manually into the .xml produced by ADE during compile, or is this a problem with P3Dv4 or with the production of the .xml in ADE? I am not able to attach the .xml .


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I assume that even though they are listed as for FSX, the models themselves are still in FS2004 format and thus will not appear unless converted (as you found out).