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P3Dv5 ACM compatibility

Now that P3Dv5 is released I would think ACM might not be compatible in its current state? Granted, I need to update my installers which include ACM. But I think (haven't tested yet), even if I install it manually it will not function correctly with P3Dv5? Maybe if I add it to the addon.xml manually?

ACM will have to be updated to support P3D v5, at the moment it would not correctly detect that new version. At the moment I'm checking the impact of P3D v5 on my different tools and this ACM update is for sure one thing on my todo list for the coming period.

If you let P3D handle the merging by putting the local autogen definitions in your addon.xml file you don't need ACM of course. So then it does not matter.
Excuse my ignorance but local autogen definitions now work? I thought that feature did not work? That would mean I no longer need ACM?
In P3D v4 it already kind of worked, except that some bugs where reported with it. I don't know if that was fixed in v5, I guess time will tell.
Yea, I will have to do some test. Maybe you know if I create a tree with its own textures there I could see that working with local definitions, but I use default trees and textures in a custom way like placement and groupings. I wonder if P3D would recognize me using their vegetation that way with a local definition?
If they merge things correctly it should not be an issue to only define new groupings and still use the default tree models. But then again, we don't know how it is handled internally.
Thx for feedback. When you do get time to update ACM (no rush on my part), I'll throw her in and start testing different scenarios.

I have attached a new build here. It should support P3D v5 as well. But since I don't have it installed here, I have not been able to test it yet.

Please use this as a beta build for now, only for testing, not for use in actual products yet.
And then probably gives me another little project after this weekend to fix some bugs :laughing:
Hi Arno, a couple of observations,

The ACM does not appear to install addon.xml, (I added it manually to get ACM to run) and it does not appear to read or write the _Legacy files. I have included a couple of logs
hope this helps


  • Logs.zip
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Thanks for the feedback. Let me check why it did not install via addon.xml.

For the legacy file I need to check. I thought there was support for that already.
Hi Arno,

I installed the latest version of ACM yesterday and made a test. I have attached the log to that post so that you can take a look if that can help.

However I am not sure how the ORBX stuff is read and merged with the P3D v5 definitions and the FVFR ones (AGX64) ... it seems you found their definitions that are now located in a place called Orbx Libraries\ORBX\Scripts\custom.gb_base.

The log says that ACM ignored these definitions because they are already declared. So my question is whether you still merge them with the other definitions or not ?



  • AutogenConfigurationMerger.txt
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At the moment ACM will not merge a scenery which loads the autogen definitions via the add-on.xml file already. That is what you read in the log file.

There has been some discussion in the past if this behaviour is desired, since the default merging of P3D is not perfect. But I haven't changed that yet.

Attached is a new build, where I fixed the two bugs that were reported:
  • Legacy configuration files were indeed skipped for P3D v5, that has been fixed.
  • ACM installed itself in a add-on.xml in the P3D v4 folder, instead of the P3D v5 folder. That has been fixed.
Edit: attached file removed, as new official release is available by now.
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Arno thanks for your clarification here.

So if my understanding is correct all autogen definition files - if properly declared through add-on xml files - are recognized and used by P3D without the need to be merged into a single file ?
That's at least the assumption I make now, but there is a thread that discusses P3D is buggy with merging.

So maybe I should change this behaviour.
That's at least the assumption I make now, but there is a thread that discusses P3D is buggy with merging.

So maybe I should change this behaviour.
Hi Arno,
I have currently two scenerys that load autogen via add-on.xml. ORBX and MK-Studios Fuerteventura.
MKS is above ORBX in the library.
If I have MKS active, the autogen for ORBX is missing.
If I deactivate MKS, autogen for ORBX is fine.
So for me the situation is, that LM has still not fixed merging of autogen via add-on.xml.

Please, can you upload a version of ACM, that merges also the add-on.xml for P3Dv5?

Thanks alot!