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MSFS 'Package Installer' sample?!

so, I played around PackageInstaller sample what asobo provide - looks like it kinda broken.
Although it find the community folder without any issue, at the moment of uninstalling it doesn't do anything
doesn't remove package and all related files from community folder
doesn't remove itself from Programs and Features table
Science it's a MSI, it is real pain to remove it from the system(but still possible), even with 3th party software.

Am I the only one who got such issue?
This is an oldie, I know, but since this is an issue for me at the moment, I'm wondering if anyone has actually had a PackageInstaller uninstall which works? I was always interested in a 'standard' installer to make things easier for users, and this seems like a good solution, if only it worked...
I have asked about this on the devSupport forum, and I'm awaiting an answer, but it would be interesting to see if this affects everyone, or just some (as in the OP and me:) )
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