Paintkit of IRIS's Pro Training Series Pilatus PC-9

Hello all, once again...

I'm sure everybody that works with IRIS's PC-9 liveries knows that the only paintkit (as far as I could find on the internet) that works is corrupted thanks to one big file, does anyone know where I can find a paintkit that works properly...without being corrupted?

Currently I'm working on doing "Krila Oluje" PC-9 livery(s) which I still haven't started, thanks to this problem.

If someone knows where I can find a working paintkit or if a "Krila Oluje" livery exists, let me know!

Kind regards,
Filipe (now you know my name, hehe)

P.S. - I'm not sure where to post this thread, so if someone knows where it must be put, let me know. Thanks in advance!