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Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

Hey Guys, this is something I wanted to make from long time ago and I finally got the time to start working on it, Already 3 months in, its taking a lot of time since I'm on my own and the Amount of Research this has required is HUGE for every aspect of its functionallity as well as its visual details and appereance, (Specially deciphering every single label on the floor) Im trying to stay as Truth to the Real thing as Possible so bear with me, this will take me some more time, but here you can see some of the views I have so far:









It has been a Huge Struggle to figure out Everything since its my very first attempt in making an Airport in a Flight Sim, but as a Panamenian I feel Compelled to make the best rendition I can of our International Airport, specially it being a Hub of the Americas and our 2nd terminal having one of the most modern designs of the region.


The Current T1 and T2 Models, as well as the Cargo Area and Fuel Tanks Depo are NOT Final, Im just using them as PlaceHolders to test proportions, once every angle and measurement are defined I'll start modelling and texturing the final versions of them. Now Im mainly focusing on Functionality and visual Ground Directions, All Taxiways, Vehicle Roads and Parking Gates are named and fully, operational already, Im very actively working on it to finish as soon as possible.

For anyone interested in this Airport please be patient since its heavy work but it will get there!!! and Thanks to anyone who went through this post =D
This looks great. I did a "quick and dirty" version of MPTO months ago for our virtual airline, but never took the time to make the custom building models. So, I know what a large project this is...very ambitious for a first project. I am glad a native Panamanian is doing it, since you will be better able to get good/accurate textures and will be able to get a more accurate idea of the building details than the satellite and internet pictures which were my only source. I do hope you look into using the terraform/terrain profile for the runways; Google Earth shows that 03L as a bit of a rollercoaster.
Thanks Guys!
And thanks dale in cda! Oh I think I never saw your version, have only seen 2 so far, one from 2018 or 19 which was also for Xplane 11 and one made by some Chinese I believe, and I know those would have been massive works at its moment but they seem somewhat obsolete now, so I wanted to make a much more accurate version that fits as flawlessly as possible with the Sim graphics.

To tell the truth, I knew this was going to be a big work, but everytime I feel like it gets bigger and bigger XD, sooo much stuff to make and pay attention to, and you'll be surprised that even tho I have been here all my life, and traveled through the Airport a Lot, I dont think it has been so much easier XD, also with the Pandemic is not like I can just go to the airport, and I live very far from it too XD So I've kept searching for reference every single week since I began, there's always an area or something that I cant see, good references for latinamerican stuff are never easy to find, at least by internet, even for us XD But knowing local names, companies, areas, and being a spanish native speaker does help hahah. (Plus also I have a Pilot friend who has helped me in understanding some things about the airport too)

This is My Reference Board so far, it has been really hard to get most of those, but I think I have mostly what I need already:


About Terraforming yeah, I made everything absolutelly flat XD, I know no terrain is 100% Flat but, I dont want to make up elevations just because without having accurate info on it, and also the system is preeeety buggy =/
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If you would like, I can sent you the runway elevation information I took from Google Earth. The only thing is there will be height blending work on the south part of the main apron -- you would need to also learn some about terraforming with rectangles and polygons. It is not very difficult (seeing how much you have already done well). I will add that adding the terraforming to 03L took away all the problems I originally had with the elevations in that corner of the airport.
Oh would be glad! Sure thanks! Yea I stopped messing with terraforming and polygons when it totally screwed my taxiways, but could keep giving it a try.
Most of the terraforming problems I had at MPTO was from trying to make the drainage depressions.

Anyway, here ya go. Hope you can make it work for you.


  • mpto_rwy_profiles.txt
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Hahhaha, Damn I JUST tried to get those today XD, with no success =/ Its a shame you cant subdivide the area of the airport, not enough polygons to support tiny depresions.

Thanks for the File, gonna check it out!
Some updates, have done All signs for streets already and started placing the Taxi Signs, those are really hard to figure out because I have no documentation on them other than randomly spotting them in pictures and videos as well as just making up others.





Some updates, have done All signs for streets already and started placing the Taxi Signs, those are really hard to figure out because I have no documentation on them other than randomly spotting them in pictures and videos as well as just making up others.

View attachment 74180

Looks great, but the taxiway line that is red should probably be an orange color. Red is normally used to indicate danger or "vehicles not cross when aircraft operating. While alternate taxi paths are blue and orange [Airports Council International, "Markings and Signs Handbook," 2nd edition]
Thanks! Well thanks for that info, had no idea on that, most pics that line looks preety much red, but there's one Pic where its like a very intense orange, its still more in the Red Spectrum but not totally so its like an intense orange, I will change it =P

Btw been struggling into modelling the 2nd Terminal, The shape themselves are not complicated but trying to make everything fit according to all structures, specially jetways and pillars and the roof structure has been really problematic, its just not possible to get it without actually having the blueprints on it, but here's the blocking for the final shape:




Obviously all details are missing and there are still some positioning corrections to make, colors not final, etc, but just posting some progress ;P