FSX PAPI and other runway ties lights

Sorry, I meant PAPI and other runway linked lights...

Good evening all...
Well i managed to stay off for about 24 hrs...

I'm trying to use an actual sat image for the background terrain of my airport SABE,
I've noticed that the PAPI lights and other landing lights before the header seem to be preset.
I would, if at all possible, place them in their correct location on some cement blocks that are visible from the sat.
Am I barking up the wrong tree?
It would be nice... It would add to the accuracy I am trying to achieve here.

The other pending question is a high quality 3d airport objests.. like ILS Arrays.... etc of the non-aircraft or building type.

Thank you all kindly and have a nice weekend...
Flyboy, Guillermo
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The PAPI lights can be positioned by editing RUNWAY then the PRIMARY tab. I measure the exact location from my sat map using the ADD GUIDLINES tab and transfer those measurements to the RUNWAY edit. The 3d PAPI lights can be found under Add Library Object/Airport Object. Most of the other objects you are looking for can also be found in this location.

Billy Bluestar