FSX Parking is small but big airplanes park there.


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I am making ZBAA and I set up the parking at 24.1 m. I have AI fight plan of China from somewhere. I look up in FSX and 777-333ER parks at that parking which it should not since the parking is too small.
I wonder how can I fix that. Do I need to look up for the whole airplanes of that type and see if some of them are not set up correctly.
Using AIFP you could look there for the FSX-radius of the 777-333ER. If you don't wish such a big aircraft you have to set the ADE -parking radius below this mentioned FSX-radius.
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AI aircraft parking spot assignment in FSX/P3D is based on (among other things), the wingspan value in the aircraft.cfg file specified by the developer- not some arbitrary value (regardless of source and R/W accuracy). There is no standardization. So, yes, if you want to control parking assignment as it appears, you must ensure matching between parking spot radius in metres and (aircraft.cfg wingspan / 2) converted to meters and rounded up.



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It is pitty that there should be a standard for everyone who make AI flightplan. I am sure that there is a recommendation but not everyone follow the same one.
Back in FS2004 days we could have a radii standard (promulgated by Project AI) because the radius value was not tied to a variable that affected the flight dynamics of the plane. This is no longer possible with FSX and later sims, so that went out the window...