P3D v4 Parkings on concrete, taxi on asphalt


I want to create an apron area with concrete and a main taxiway in front of this apron with asphalt, but I am having problems with the transition from asphalt to concrete.

With my first attempt I had three concrete triangles in the middle of the asphalt taxiway. After some reading about layers and taxiway behavior (the last one wins), I have the result as below, where I managed to avoid the concrete triangles for two parking spots on the left. This is in P3D v4.4:


Before continuing with my solution, I want to ask you, if my construction for these two spots on the left (which look just as I want) are correct or not.

Here is how I made them in ADE:

I added a small asphalt apron to fill the gap between taxiway and concrete apron. This asphalt apron is selected in the image above. In order to get rid of the concrete triangles in the taxiway, I split the taxipath into two segments, where the shorter one is ending just on the small asphalt apron.

With my first first attempt, I put just one single taxipath from the taxiway to the parking spot, as for the right parking spot. But this results in a concrete triangle on the asphalt taxiway.

Is my workflow correct, that I have to split the taxipath from the taxiway to the parking spot into two different segments?

what you are doing is exactly how i do it in FSX, you don't need the extra nodes for the 2 on the left, although that will also work as you see
try changing the the parking spot connecting paths to asphalt,
you can also reduce the width of this path also to stop the conflict appearing above the extra asphalt apron which looks like two points sticking up each side of the path
many times I've reduced the width to 0.3m to avoid this issue, or make the asphalt apron bigger as a last resort
Just a matter of juggling the above to give the desired effect
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