P3D v4 PBR and avoiding blowout in Specular.

Hi all

I'm just trying to wrap my head around these new PBR textures in P3D. The one thing that is causing me a problem is specular blowout (ie specular highlights on an aircraft surface going to 255,255,255). I would have thought the occlusion channel (green in the metallic map) might control this but it seems to have zero effect on specular reflections from the sun.

As can be seen in the attached screenshot, the left wing has 0 occlusion while the right wing has 255 occlusion and the sunlight specular is unchanged. Setting smoothness to 255 makes the spot as small as possible (as shown in pic). On the other hand reducing the smoothness would flatten out the spot (the default F16 has values around 100 which looks nicer) but then that affects the reflections (which the F16 seems to have none or very little).

Is this just a limitation of the system or is there something I am missing?



Resource contributor

Not seeing the textures in question, the ambient occlusion doesn't have any singular effect in shininess. Generally, it's the smoothness map (along with the metalness map) that does... Painted metal shouldn't be as shiny as bare metal.