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P3D v4 PBR for aircraft

Over the last couple of days we are adding PBR to an aircraft and it is working but not sure about a few things. Can someone share some settings like fuselage and chrome parts.

Right now we are using no specular as this seems to not work. We thought detail was specular but now we are thinks its for something you would use for scenery.

Right now we use a diffuse, metallic and a bump. Also color for the metallic map would help too.

Can PBR be uses for glass?
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As you have found out... when using PBR materials - specular maps aren't used within P3D, though the rest of the 3D modeling world can in some cases. The Detail Maps, which were introduced in FSX, are more like a refined or fine-tuned bump maps but without the height information. The detail maps (as far as I can tell) aren't used much either in P3D or FSX, but can be used in scenery and aircraft modeling. If I remember correctly, detail maps are called displacement maps (outside the Simulator world).

Concerning the colors used in the fuselage and chrome parts:


From this tutorial or reference you would use the color codes and approximate in the matching of (or average) using the Histogram within your photo editor and getting the Luminance value. I hope that makes sense? Otherwise, I can demonstrate farther.

EDIT: I forgot about the glass aspect. What I would do if possible, is to use the glass used in the F-16 Base aircraft and go from there.
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