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P3D v4 PBR (Normal Map) Moire Noise Issue

Hi All,

My PBR assets appear to have deformation in P3D V4. They appear to show a moire effect from the normal maps - and I was hoping someone may have a fix for this?

The effect appears to be worse on corrugated metal type materials - and looks worse from a distance, see below:

Note: I only get this issue in P3D V4 not in V5

Any support is greatly apreciated!
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how were the Normal/Bump maps created? It would be easier to know what the normal maps look like prior to converting them to DDS.

Normal Maps were made using substance painter,

An example is the below:

Find it strange that V5 can render it completely fine, yet V4 applies this effect,

Apreciate your time
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Within Substance painter was it Directx or OpenGL? I believe that is the latter one.
Correct - Was open GL, However the export preset utilises the converted maps in the correct channels
OpenGL isn't correct for P3D though. DirectX is. How do you have Substance Painter placing in the correct channels.

Red in Alpha anything else?
I use the following export preset, with the converted (Direct X Normal Map):
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OK... what does the Blue channel look like afterwards?
Hope this helps:

I am unsure what the issue is, but plenty of my other PBR textures work fine with the same preset? - and V5 also is okay, so seems odd
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In most cases,... the blue channel should appear white (nothing appears to be there when going through either ImageTool or one of the DDS plugins)... Red should be solid black after the fact.
From Image tool:

RED Channel;

Blue Channel:

As per SDK the blue channel represents the blue channel from the Normal map - so not sure what the issue would be here?


  • red.PNG
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Right-click on the Red channel in the presets. What does it show? along with the other channels?
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Red Channel: "Default Black"
Green Channel: "Normal DirectX (Green)"
Blue Channel: "Normal DirectX (Blue)"
Alpha Channel: "Normal DirectX (Red)"

Have you tried placing this normal map through Image tool or Photoshop dds plugin or GIMP dds plugin? How was it saved into a dds file?
ahhhhh... OK... MCX doesn't convert properly especially when an alpha channel is present... also,... may not have converted it to a DXT5 but a DXT1
OK... It does seem strange but that what I have noticed with MCX sometimes it does alright and then other times not... Have you tried putting through ImageTool? I mean in converting into a DDS