P3D v4 PBR P3D v4.4 first Test - Porsche Carrera GT PBR

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Interesting thing with the new PBR material assignments in the P3D v4.4

At first I did not know how to bypass the material slots, but then by trying out no longer had an issue. Obviously, high-reflective surfaces benefit most from PBR, preferably planes, helicopters and vehicles etc. However, I have not yet created a plane to test the PBR materials. But I could take a Porsche Carrera GT from my Jena project for testing.

The first thing I noticed, that now also animated objects and also animated objects in the sky like airplanes, zeppelins are reflected in real time, that was not the case I think before.

Important are the material settings in the 3-D model

In 3dsm gives a real-time preview of the set PBR parameters

In the P3D, reflections are now also displayed curved

Not easily visible in the picture, but also the animated Blimp is mirrored in real time on the hood

Animated objects and their sub-animation (wheels) are mirrored

The dynamic lighting can also be rendered in real time

In the last two pictures there is a darkening of the sun remote side. I am not sure if there is a kind of ambient occlusion in the P3D now?!

The sun facing side is bright

The opposite side is dark

Who wants to test the Porsche or its new material settings, a short description and installation instructions are included in the zip archive: