P3D v4 PBR puddles not showing in simulator

Hi everyone ! so i tried to make PBR Rain puddles for my scenery . I have made PBR albedo on photoshop and metallic and normal texture too . I placed the puddles using 3dsmax and export as .X file and then load it in MCX and it loads up perfectly fine .i donot know when i export the puddles they do not show up in the simulator .

I have previous experience on making PBR puddle on another scenery and it worked fine there in similar way

Things that i have checked done correctly :
1)Placed on right co ordinates
2)the layer is above all other ground polygons
3)have made sure it has different GUID and friendly name

I did further diggings and old puddles textures work fine for me however when i try new ones they dont show up ,made new ones similar way they just have different shapes and i donot know what is causing them not to show up in simulator
It has got something to do with layering issue i found out , it stays under my groundpolygon even though i have put multiple higher values than of my Gpoly . @arno Any guess if this could be related to MCX ?