P3D v4 PBR texture of asphalt (reflection)

Hello again )
Guys, someone of you tried to make PBR texture of Asphalt? I've tried but so far i didn't got an satisfying result. I can't get realistic reflections. Please see the screenshots in the spoiler.
What i'm doing wrong? Maybe you could help me with this?

reflection (2).jpg
Me too having the similar problem. But I got the reflection. Just I couldn't find way to make the effects focused as these images.
1560507051733.png 1560507077730.png

These were my result:
1560507166831.png 1560507181586.png 1560507225631.png
What's your PBR material settings on MCX? I would suggest you to make your metallic alpha (smoothness map) more lighter. Not too dark.
Thank you, could you please share your details map screenshot?

If possible share your texture so that someone who are pro on PBR texture can look on it and identify the problem in the texture.
Hi @RED COOL & @Michael21,

That is because your normal map has quite high details. You should lower the normal map settings when creating it. If you are using Photoshop, try change the value in Details Scale and Contrast Details (Low, Medium and High):


Make it lower than the current value of you texture.


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Hello all
i got this great result at day time but when the sun gen lower the texture becomes crazy, i use onle an albedo / metalic / and normal, no detail map applied
1) how can i solve that
2) what the detail map is for and how do we make it
thnx in advance
LOL - I'm sorry but my dictionary doesn't have the meaning of "becomes crazy". Red, you been here long enough that you know how to explain what is happening, the pictures do not really state what you are trying to say.

They "key" to asphalt is "not" having the albedo map to dark or to light (or near black or white), otherwise, you will have some weird side effects, such as flickering - like a strobe effect. The metalness map within the metallic map (red channel) should be destinated as non-metal. I believe that would make the metalness map within the metallic map "black". I would suggest though using a smoothness map within your metallic map. Within the smoothness map, the areas that have the black like appearance (tar or petroleum) be made smooth.
@Pyscen you mean i place my smoothness map twice (in its place and in the metalic)? and what do you mean by albedo mustn't be black or white (the ground at that airport is new and still pure black)


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you mean i place my smoothness map twice (in its place and in the metalic)?
The Smoothness map goes in 1 place (either within the alpha channel of the albedo map or the alpha channel of the metallic map). Can not be in both places at the same time.


Is it something else? What do you mean by in "its place"? Are you referring to a 3dsMax slot or something else?

and what do you mean by albedo mustn't be black or white (the ground at that airport is new and still pure black)
I believe you have more forgiveness (or lead way) by having it at "near black" than white in the albedo map. Try to avoid using a pure white within the albedo map, I believe it's in the range of 255 through 235 (examples of 255, 255, 255 through 235, 235, 235 color codes). Within either Photoshop or GIMP, you can select a given color by pixel and adjusting it accordingly or "balancing" the texture by removing the highlights within.


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I was just differentiating the 2, metalness and metallic. The metalness map goes into the metallic map. The metallic map is made up of the 2 or 3 maps ( Metalness, Ambient Occlusion, and Smoothness), etc...

I'm not sure on the actual cut off of "white". I haven't fully tested it yet... just know that it can cause problems within P3D v4.5 (maybe, v4.4) if the "white" color is in the albedo map.


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Concrete and asphalt are not classified as being metallic or a metal, therefore it shouldn't be made as such within the metalness map.


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But, didn't you say that that it was "becoming crazy"? Still, I'm not sure in what context you mean by that statement