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P3D v4 PBR worth it?

So playing around new shader for a week I'm not sure anymore that I'd like to implement this feature in airplane modeling. Yes, plane will look more realistic but realistic not mean beauty what almost all users love and used to.
We now have no direct control over a fresnel, even environment I personally found pretty hard to modelate in right proportions - it become or to much or nothing, for not mentioning that if user don't have enabled "dynamic reflection" sim will use default reflection map what looks ugly af.
It may be good for environment designers, with realistic look of concrete, vegetation, wood. Also any opaque material now may have a bit of reflectivity. Finally anodized aluminum may be reproduced like it should, but not painted metal so far..
What do you think, guys? What is your experience with new shader? Let's discuss, and if you find any incorrection in above, please don't be shy, I'd really glad to be wrong now
Yeah, creating of shiny, perfect and unrealistic material, like in example above, is an easy task to do in any rendering engine. But once we're talking about some advance bumping and maggiore reflective flexibility due to it - i'd rather take a old, not PBR, shader to work with.


I wanna see how, and if, someone will manage to achieve similar result like in this photo, especially knowing that you can adjust bump power anymore


Resource contributor

Within the world of PBR design or 3D graphic designing.. Fresnel is important, but once it has been created correctly there is no reason to change it. Considering Bumps Maps, the strength of is now controlled at the time that it is created (in my opinion, this is how it should be). The key in PBR's is in the Albedo (Diffuse), Metallic, Smoothness/ Roughness, Ambient Occlusion Maps & a few others, which depends on the workflow used. Within the image above of the aircraft, the material used isn't metal - but most likely fiberglass, within the 2nd tutorial, there is a material values chart, which gives values (color values) for the albedo, microsurface, and reflectivity. I would choose something under plastic (glossy) or slightly less reflective in this case.

I have placed these links before, which better explains what PBR's can do ;):

I'm sure in future upgrades to P3D things will be included or added to increase the PBR area :) maybe be able to use normal maps like the rest of the 3D designing world) with the simulator (I'm not suggesting that it is perfect, never is in the beginning, :)).
Yeah, I got exactly same thinking
So for now I won't migrate to the new technology
Will see later how it will be improved if ever
I think their reason for pushing PBR out before V5 was just to let developers/artists test the waters now and decide whether or not they want to pursue it, as well as making updates to aircraft and scenery from V4 to V5 as quick as possible (as there will probably be other new features added.)

I do agree that right now we have pretty good control over the appearance of materials through the legacy shader. The only advantages that I see in PBR are nighttime reflections and the roughness channel, which as far as I know cannot be replicated in the legacy shader. I’ve had some success blurring copies of the environment map and applying these to separate materials to simulate varying degrees of roughness, but obviously this is not on a per-pixel basis like PBR.

In short, I think we will see a mixed bag of developers either going forward with the new shader or simply sticking to the old one because it’s “good enough”. Honestly there is still some potential in the old shader that very few developers have tapped into...just take Carenado’s Falcon 50 EX for example, the visuals are miles ahead of even their most recent past releases. Although I can almost guarantee that they will be moving to PBR as soon as they can.