FSX person walking around

In FSX there are peoples and animals that walk, but stay in place.

Is there a way to get them mouving around. Say get a person to walk from one building to a other building on a airport ground.

If possible, is there a tutorial or How-to ?

I use ADE and starting to lurn SBuilderX and SDK

I have done it with a Dynamic scenery program for fs2002 (called dynkit or something, I do not recall and cannot check it right now).
Anyway, it is possible.
With the games missions built into FSX, like the Safari set, you see Elephants and Land Rovers moving and driving around.

With elaborate Aerosoft super airports, you have cars driving around, buses, baggae carts, etc driving around. They stay on roads, use turn signals, obey traffic lights, move on green and stop on red, etc, etc. How they do it is beyond me.

The Elephants use flexible high tech gaming technology to move making them a sophisticated moving model (like a plane) with animation bones in it. I have no idea how the bones and skins work, but people use them to make flexing wings and yoke boots all the time in planes, and its explained in the SDK on bones animation and skin flexing. (The hard part is said to get the texture correct in settings, that is really where the key element is is the texture settings).

I would like to know how they do the cars. That is just brilliant.

ORBX, before FSX, had cars in their FS2004 scenery. It would be nice to know how they did that. It was pretty cool.

Good luck on your journey into this field.

Thanks for your reply;

Nice video too

But it look quite hard to do,So i think i will wait a bit to see if someone can do a Tutorial or howto ;)

Now i will have a look in the SDK for the thing with the bones and .....:scratchch
The problem here is having the trajectories. The modifier only makes the walking animation, but no the trajectory. At least that's what I think, I've seen them using the same person in multiple places, so I'm guessing they are using some kind of library of persons and place them on trajectories...

That is why I said to use AIBTC.
Download AIBTC from somewhere, read the docs and it will all become clear.
It is by far the easiest method of having your persons or animals move towards wherever you want them to.
Besides AIBTC, you would need Google Earth and FSXKML to do the job for you, but, as I said, read the AIBTC documentation and 'you will see the light' :).
Finally done it :D

It is not like ORBX but it works...

I created a man that walk around on the ground

I do not know how to do a video but i attached 3 image to show
How you do that? do you use FSX library use AIBTC or create your own 3d model and assign a path?

is there any tutorial in SDK?
Any chance (eventhough it's been a couple of years) of making this technology available to freeware developers? I would like to talk to you about it as the youtube links no longer work but I'm looking to get moving people in my sceneries that I create (freeware).


eric _ 5150 at yahoo dot com

Finally done it :D

It is not like ORBX but it works...

I created a man that walk around on the ground

I do not know how to do a video but i attached 3 image to show


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Post #14 basically outlines the procedure for implementing pedestrians into sceneries.