P3D v4 Photoreal Seasons

Hi Noel.

To use Rick's INF file, you need 2 different textures. One for summer (STHM_RWY_30_2_SU.BMP), and one for winter (STHM_RWY_30_2_WI.BMP). Also use a command file to run resample, so you get the error indication.

Yes I do have one SU texture and one WI texture. I'm not home at the moment but when I'm home i can try to see what caused the error.
Hi Noel:

Considering the suggestions above to:

* Run SDK Resample directly in CMD mode by Drag-and-Drop


* Enable the ability to view any error messages which might occur that result in the attempted CMD mode Resample compilation to be "over-in-a-flash"

...the following is a recommendation for use of a CMD mode (aka "DOS") 'Batch' file to run Resample, view progress, and any error messages.

Until Arno adds the ability to use his Compile Helper 2.0 utility with FS SDK Resample, we have to create our own batch files to keep the Resample task session command window open after we (attempt to) run it.

This may be preferable to manually starting FSX SDK Resample via a 'command mode' windowed task session from:

Windows Start Button > Run > 'Open' > CMD > [OK button]


An example batch file to be placed into your 'work' sub-folder containing FSX SDK Resample with your BMPs and INF file (ex: STHM_RWY_30_2.INF):

1.) Copy and paste the following into Windows NotePad:

resample.exe "STHM_RWY_30_2.INF"
2.) Edit text as needed to the actual INF file name being used for your project

3.) Click File > Save As > 'Save as type' > "All Files (*.*)", enter your desired file name being sure to use a "*.BAT" 3-character file extension

ex: "STHM RWY 30 2_Resample.BAT"

...and save your file into the same folder cited above (...containing FSX SDK Resample as well as your BMPs and INF file (Ex: STHM_RWY_30_2.INF).

4.) In Windows Explorer, running this "DOS" batch file via a 'double-click' should enable you to read any Resample SDK error messages you are getting within the SDK Resample 'command mode' task session window.

Feel free to copy and post here, any error messages from that SDK Resample 'command mode' task session window.

This can be done by left-clicking the tiny [C:\] icon in the CMD mode window title bar to open a pull-down menu.

In that SDK Resample 'command mode' task session window pull-down menu:

1.) Edit > click 'Mark' (gray text rectangular 'cursor block' appears at top left over text)

2.) Press and hold down left-shift key continuously while using the keyboard Right and Down 'arrow' keys to Mark (and thereby 'select' in gray), the desired text in that SDK Resample 'command mode' task session window

3.) When all desired text is selected, Press 'Enter' key (text is now copied to Windows ClipBoard)

4.) Paste the desired text into the FSDeveloper forum "Post Reply" compose message window and edit as needed.

Hope this helps ! :)

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Hi again, Noel:

: Depending on how "many" aerial imagery tiles you are creating, and in what proximity they will be used, you may incur some performance issues:


"Performance Tips for Aerial Imagery
  • If aerial photography is being used to replace a large area with detailed imagery, involving the division of the target area into a large number of bgl files, there can be a significant increase in scenery load times. This can be due to an excessive amount of transparency within cells at one or more LOD level. Use the tmfViewer tool to examine the bgl files produced by the Resample tool, and note that transparent areas are shown in medium gray (see the image below).

    If there is transparency within a cell at any LOD level, the terrain system has to load in multiple files to piece together the terrain texture for each cell. With a large amount of transparency, and a large number of bgl files containing images, this piecing together can become very time consuming. Minimize transparency within each LOD cell by preparing .inf files that target specific LOD levels. The default Destination parameter LOD=Auto should be changed to provide a minimum and maximum level, or simply one level, that minimizes transparency for the particular LOD settings. This will involve having several .inf files for each section of source data.

    The number of bgl files used to hold image data at one level of detail should be reduced by a factor of four for the next level of detail. So, for example, if 16 files are used to hold an area at LOD 14, then four should contain all the imagery at LOD 13, and one at LOD 12. From then on there is no need to have one file for each level of detail, all the lower levels of detail can be placed in one file.

    The image shows an an excessive amount of transpareny at one LOD level. If the rest of the cell was also made up of photo-imagery the terrain system would have to piece together the cell from many textures, which would cause a performance issue."

Because you have indicated that you are planning to create "many" custom photo-real aerial imagery land class tiles with Night and Seasonal Variations, you may wish to utilize GeoTiffs rather than BMPs as source files, to make it easier to compile a greater number of LOD-18 tiles into as few BGLs as possible to avoid the performance issues cited in the FSX SDK docs above.

Assuming this is for a payware project, you could NOT use SBuilderX via a tile server to download your aerial imagery source files

Assuming you have instead acquired aerial imagery which would be 'legal' for you to use as a source for a payware project, you could utilse a GIS application to re-rectify the source file Projection and Datum to Geographic (Lat-Lon) / WGS84 and convert the aerial imagery to GeoTiffs.

Once you have properly projected imagery source files as GeoTiffs, you could use one of Arno's CMD mode "Batch" files to create INF files: :wizard:




FYI: Not only does SDK Resample accept less complex INF files for GeoTiffs, it can internally and automatically determine source file Geographic extents and generate various required parameter values, then delete over-lapping imagery coverage areas to yield performance-efficient output BGLs. ;)

Hope this helps a bit more with the learning process ! :santahat:

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