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P3D v4 Photorico Antonio "Nery" Juarbe (ABO)

Back in the drawing board! This time a small but very busy airport on the North shore of the island.
This place is skydiving heaven, with several businesses located on site.

All textures are made out of pictures taken by a good friend of mine.

Ahh....forgot to mention...this is freeware. Should be able to release within a month.

Hope you like it!

Hello David

You're designs only gets better each time I see a new post of yours. Keep up the great work brother! It's not finished and already it looks fantastic.

Take care,
Loving the glass in that first shot in the door. Are the flags animated or are they going to be static?
I wish I had my own dynamic flag model that I could distribute, unfortunately that is not the case right now. :D

If anyone has one that can share....I'll give you credit!
Never saw grass that shiny before ;) I would tone it down a bit.

Everything else looks splendid :cool:
Roel you are absolutely right! I had to redo the specular and eliminate all white. Now the bump still stands out, but it doesn't shine like stainless steel.