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Photoscenery blended at coast suppresses 3D waves

I'm using some photoscenery blended into sea water at the coast. I have water set to Ultra and a high wind speed. Offshore I get big waves, but they abruptly stop at what appears to be the edge of the blended photoscenery. In other words the photoscenery appears to suppresses the 3D waves. Does this happen to other people? Is it a bug in P3D? Does anyone know of a work-around?
It's not a bug. If the photoreal scenery is a 3rd party add-on the developer may may have surpressed the waves on purpose. That's if we are talking about the shoreline waves. If you are talking about waves or motion of the water, that will eventually be suppressed as well as it blends into the shoreline.


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Hi there,

are you using a watermask or just a blendmask? Only watermasked areas will have the same properties as generic P3D water though I haven't tested myself whether the 3D aspects of P3D water will display on watermasked photoreal areas.

Cheers, Holger
Although I don't yet have P3D to test, I was intrigued by this question as well. :confused:

IIUC, we are NOT discussing the "wave" Effect (Fx) from CVX vector poly-lines, but rather, the 'animated' water ...which is rendered in FSX via:

[FSX install path]\livingwater.dll

...and I presume now via a 'different' DLL within P3D, to produce the variable types of animated wave activity we do not see in FSX ? :scratchch

If we attach a water platform to an AttachPoint on a flat 3D MDL surface in P3D, do we now also get the variable types of 'animated' wave activity we do not see in FSX water ?

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Many thanks for the replies.

I'm specifically talking about 3D waves here, i.e. the animated ones only visible when Ultra water settings are used and which change according to wind speed and bathymetry (when the latter is enabled). What I'm definitely not talking about here are legacy 2D effects.

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Soooo, the scenery uses both watermask and blendmask. To my mind, and in my reading of the SDK, P3D should allow these to work together and the 3D wave animation (which LM term swell in their SDK) as well as all other features of the water should work just fine. So, what could the problem be?
Here is a shot to illustrate. It is nowhere near as evident as when actually flying (a video would do it more justice).

To help I've crudely annotated the boundary below. On the right the swell is 3D animated. On the left everything is strictly 2D. It appears to correspond with the edge of the blended photoscenery.